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Product Quality „made in Germany“

30-year guarantee

Flawless materials for the manufacturing process guarantee the outstanding quality of BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS stainless steel kegs “Made in Germany”. By giving a 30-year guarantee on our stainless steel kegs, we underline our pursuit of the highest product quality and the complete satisfaction of our customers as our top priority – no compromise!

Keg quality of the highest standard!


Our success as the world’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel kegs is based on value retention, high quality and the long-term operational capability of our kegs for the beverage industry. Reliability in everyday application, our extensive range of services to maintain the kegs’ functionality and sustainable environmental are essential factors in this. The result is a high-quality keg made of stainless steel with a guarantee that far exceeds any legal requirements. With this, we promise that your BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS keg will keep on working and earning you money for decades.

Our terms of guarantee

Benefit from our stainless steel kegs

  • High product quality through continuous quality check during the manufacturing process
  • Investment security thanks to reliable processes in development, production and service
  • Uniformly certified quality standards for all services
  • Comprehensive keg services from BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS and the GNKS partner network
  • Qualified staff with the experience of a market leader

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