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The DIN Keg

The DIN Keg from BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS offers you maximum safety and reliability for use in your customers’ daily operations. The key feature of this stainless steel keg for beer, wine and soft drinks is its diameter which is smaller than the EURO Keg. We can customize our DIN Keg to your specifications and supply it in a range of different volumes.

The DIN Keg
individual stainless steel keg

The DIN Keg benefits

  • Branding the keg body according to your wishes
  • 30-year guarantee
  • Quality “Made in Germany” 

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DIN Keg technical data

(l / gal)
(mm / in)
Height H1
(mm / in)
Height H2
(mm / in)
Height H3
(mm / in)
(kg / lb)
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