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The Topic of Sustainability at BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS

Keg production with a commitment

As a keg manufacturer, sustainability is very important for us. The topic is given great priority in our company as a commitment to our environment – a commitment to use the available energy and limited resources sparingly. We meet this obligation uncompromisingly by resolutely using stainless steel in manufacturing our kegs.


With our Keg Services, we help you to guarantee the long-term use of your stainless steel kegs and also to achieve and extend their expected lifecycle. Active use of our keg management solutions enables you to keep track of your entire keg fleet at all times and realistically assess your demand for new stainless steel kegs for beer, wine and soft drinks.


100% recycled: in manufacturing our stainless steel kegs, we can claim a further point on the plus side when it comes to recycling. 100% of our stainless steel kegs end their service lives as scrap in the steel industry’s melting furnaces and become a fully recycled raw material for producing new stainless steel kegs. This process reduces the demand for primary energy and resources in the production of stainless steel.


Our stainless steel kegs have a life expectancy of > 30 years and can be used around 120 times over this period. Repeated use of this returnable container is our contribution to bringing down demand for new containers and consequently for energy and resources, too.

Particularly eco-friendly: Chromium steel kegs

BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS commissioned a study to compare the environmental impact of chromium steel kegs with single-use plastic containers. The study covered the entire life-cycle of the kegs, i.e. raw materials, production, transport to breweries and restaurants as well as waste streams.

The study shows that the more often a steel keg is used, the lower become the environmental impacts per keg usage. Hence the reuse rate (number of turns) is a critical parameter. With a reuse rate of 20 times or more, the steel kegs cause lower climate change, energy use and water use impacts compared to those of the plastic containers.