Keg management

Convenient traceability and control over your kegs

Want increased transparency over your keg fleet? Looking for a way to have a complete overview at all times? With our keg management services, we will guarantee you perfect traceability and improved quality assurance for your beer, wine and soft drinks kegs.

Everything at a glance!

Want positive traceability of your kegs as well as improved quality assurance? Looking for solutions to improve the scheduling and monitoring of your kegs’ maintenance and service intervals? BLEFA’s keg management services not only cover perfect traceability for your stainless steel kegs and improved quality performance. 

BLEFA stainless steel kegs also come with a 2D barcode as standard and you can also equip them with a low-frequency (LF) tag or an ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID tag. The benefit of UHF beyond what lasered codes offer is that they can capture a full stack of kegs on a forklift all in one go. The real strength of UHF tags, therefore, lies especially in reverse logistics, i.e. when distributors return kegs and you quickly need to identify which of the kegs really belong to you and for how many kegs you are prepared to pay deposit refunds. 

The data you gather helps you record the details of your entire keg fleet precisely, optimize turnaround times, and compile accurate maintenance schedules. Simple, practical, and clear!


We work with BLEFA quality stickers based on 2D matrix codes as the basis for our worker self-monitoring in our production process. At the end of the production process, we irrevocably laser these onto the top dome of our kegs. These laser codes are the basis for our 30-year warranty and the basis for the traceability of your keg fleet. We are also happy to apply customised serial numbers for you. 

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Your benefits

  • Optimal planning of your keg fleet 

  • Accurate scheduling and monitoring of maintenance and service intervals 

  • Positive identification of each keg and its specific configuration (types, fittings, necks, etc.) 

  • Traceability in the supply chain 

  • Minimization of keg loss 


Would you like to get answers to the questions of where your kegs are, how many kegs you have, how you can optimize your planning for the new season and whether there are any anomalies in service? With our RFID solutions, either LF (Low Frequency) or UHF (Ultra High Frequency), you have the opportunity to improve your overview of your keg pool. We work together with well-known suppliers and will be happy to advise you. Get in touch with us!

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Your benefits:

  • Quick capture and processing of logistics data, even with larger quantities of stainless steel kegs 

  • Positive identification upon return delivery of your beer, wine, and soft drink kegs, including capture of specific configuration information (types, fittings, necks, etc.) 

  • Scheduling and monitoring of maintenance and service intervals 

  • Traceability in the supply chain and minimization of keg loss 

IoT solutions

The high-end solution in the field of keg traceability are active systems that work on the basis of a long-life battery and use different technologies to communicate their respective position. This means you are always in control and know exactly where each of your kegs is. Does that sound interesting? Then get in touch with us!

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Your benefits:

  • Complete traceability of your kegs’ current routes 

  • Determination of current location 

  • Traceability in the supply chain  

  • Minimization of keg loss