Keg modification

Capacity reduction and rebranding

Has your keg fleet grown considerably over the years? Maybe you have kegs that no longer meet today’s market requirements or reflect your current branding? You’ll want to have your keg stock modified as soon as possible! With the keg modification services within the BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS keg services portfolio, you can quickly and easily reactivate unused beverage containers. Take a look at our services for capacity reduction and rebranding. 

Capacity reduction

Reactivate unused capital

Have unused 50-liter kegs in your keg fleet? Reactivate unused capital by converting them into 30-liter kegs (as just one example of a possible capacity reduction). 

Volume reduction from BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS
  • Pre-sorting the kegs according to manufacturer    

  • Straightening of top/bottom chimbs and necks 

  • Removal of colored rings, old stickers etc. 

  • Shortening of the spears incl. spear service   

  • Cutting / smoothing / trimming of the half shells  

  • Inserting rolling rims  

  • Welding the two halves together  

  • Pickling and cleaning   

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Starting size Possible sizes
EURO 50 L EURO 30 L, EURO 25 L, EURO 20 l
DIN 50 L DIN 30, DIN 20 L, DIN 15 L

Your uniform brand image

Keg rebranding

As part of top skirt repair, we can apply an embossed inscription based on your brand specifications to ensure impeccably uniform brand imaging. We’d also be glad to emboss the existing inscription on the top skirt of your stainless steel keg and to apply your desired lettering to the body of the keg by any of several options. Protect your uniform brand image and proof of ownership now! 

Service types:

  • Embossing old lettering 

  • New color band 

  • New return-deposit label 

  • Top and bottom skirt replacement 

  • New inscription 

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