Our services at a glance

As a market-leading keg manufacturer and a reliable service provider, but most especially as a partner on equal terms, we will always provide you with the optimal solution for your specific needs.  Our unique 30-year warranty sets the course for your business to get everything it needs with us.

Comprehensive service isn’t the only benefit you get with BLEFA. Equally valuable is your own personal contact who will actively listen when others just hear. This not only gives you effective consultation, but also the feeling that you’re being understood.

30-year warranty

We know exactly what our kegs are capable of. And that’s why our 30-year warranty isn’t simply bait, but rather a serious promise of quality. Find out here how we substantiate our claims regarding customer satisfaction and the exceptional quality of our products.

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Off-the-shelf kegs

You might experience bottlenecks in your keg stock during seasonal peaks or when projects with short lead times crop up. These situations demand flexibility and speed. As a market leader with decades of experience, we know what’s important here. We maintain stocks of stainless steel, necks, and fittings, which enable us to help our customers even at short notice.

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Worldwide service network

We’re always right there when you need us, ensuring you get help with whatever you need – quickly and easily. Thanks to our worldwide service network, we can come to your aid quickly, meeting your exact needs no matter where you are. And that’s a promise!

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KEG branding

Branding, for a keg with character. Customize your stainless steel keg exactly as needed with options such as our high-quality screen printing service. Turn your keg into your brand ambassador!

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Keg modification

Do you have kegs that no longer meet market requirements or reflect your branding? Anything is possible with our keg modification services. Adapt your keg fleet to your current needs with our capacity reduction service (e.g., from 50 L to 30 L) and top and bottom skirt replacement service.  

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Keg management

Almost as important as knowing the status of each individual keg is having visibility over its location. We offer a multitude of options from 2D Matrix Codes to IoT, and we’d be happy to tell you all about them.   

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