Always the right choice: Stainless steel Kegs from BLEFA

With our product portfolio, we cover a wide range of applications and can therefore always offer you the right product for your purposes.

Our stainless steel kegs at a glance

We don’t leave anything to chance

Our kegs are made of high-quality 1.4301 (AISI 304) stainless steel. We source stainless steel coils solely from prominent manufacturers with certified quality assurance systems, which we supplement with our internal quality checks. This strategy is how we guarantee our customers first-class materials for long-lasting and especially robust kegs. 

The production equipment at BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS undergos regular maintenance and are operated only by qualified personnel. We have full control over all critical processes in the manufacture of our stainless steel kegs. That lays the foundation for how we produce top-quality beverage containers durable enough for daily use. We hold ourselves to these standards because customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal! 

Our promises to you:

  • Ultimate precision and process safety through automation and control 
  • Professional guidance as your partner from the quote to after-sales service 
  • Maximum investment security including 30-year warranty 
  • Qualified workforce and the experience of a worldwide leading manufacturer 


Our “global player” | Ø 395 mm | capacities of 16 L to 50 L

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The “made-to-standard” | Ø 363 mm | capacities of 15 L to 50 L

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Our “trendsetter” | Ø 229 – 278 mm | capacities of 10 L to 30 L

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Our “special keg” | capacities of 15 L to 50 L

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Our “American dream” | capacities of 1/6 bbl, 1/4 bbl & 1/2 bbl


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Our kegs in a traditional wood design | capacities of 10 L, 15 L, 20 L & 30 L

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Our kegs: An investment in the future in every way

Whether your most important criteria are inimitable enjoyment, compliance with various material and hygiene standards or profitability while pursuing sustainable resource conservation, by choosing our kegs, you’re making a decision that will pay off both now and in the future.


As a founding member of the Steel Keg Association, we generate awareness surrounding the finite nature of our valuable resources. BLEFA kegs can be reused for more than 30 years, supporting sustainability by going through a circular system in which they are regularly returned to the production chain.

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By having periodic keg service performed, you ensure the flawless and hygienic functionality of your kegs for the long term. Our keg services include removal of deformations and deposits in your stainless steel beer, wine, and soft drink kegs. Having your kegs serviced will ensure smooth workflow, economic success, and positive presentation of your brand image. Well-maintained stainless steel kegs and leak-proof fittings serve as consistent hallmarks of your company’s quality. 

KEG branding

With us, you can fully customize your stainless steel kegs exactly as you need. Whether you’d like an embossing in the top skirt or a print on the keg body, we can meet your needs professionally and precisely through our comprehensive stainless steel keg customization options. 

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30-year warranty – because we know what our kegs are capable of

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The right keg for every application

Beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages – just as the flavors span the full spectrum, so do the applications of our stainless steel kegs. But one thing never changes: ultimate refreshment. And we guarantee it with certified quality assurance methods, periodic maintenance, and top-quality 1.4301 (AISI 304) stainless steel. We know you’ll be impressed – no matter what you wish to store, serve, or simply enjoy for yourself. 

Quick reference of the most important info

We use exclusively high-quality 1.4301 (AISI 304) stainless steel for our kegs. The coils in our kegs come from prominent manufacturers with certified quality assurance systems. 

Periodic maintenance of our production systems, ultimate precision, and process safety through automation and control are how we guarantee that our kegs are robust, durable, and cost-effective. 

We offer comprehensive support, from the quote to after-sales service. Our customers enjoy maximum investment security, including a 30-year warranty.* 

*Corresponding to the conditions at 

We recommend having periodic keg service performed by Blefa or by one of our Service Partners, which have high quality standards and are available in many regions around the world. This will prevent functional limitations, deposits, and impurities in the keg. Doing so ensures there will be no issues during use by your customer, cleaning, filling, or distribution. 

Your benefits with BLEFA

Today, stainless steel kegs must not only protect your beverages on the way to the customer, but also be economically advantageous for you. With a high degree of process automation and complete quality control documentation, BLEFA manufactures a product that we can back by our unique 30-year warranty. 


  • 100% certified quality assurance
  • Automated processes
  • Coils made of 1.4301 (AISI 304) stainless steel 


  • Very economical compared with other types of packaging 
  • Outstanding durability
  • 30-year warranty


  • 100% circular 
  • Circular system 
  • Optimal carbon footprint