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Our kegs are made of high-grade stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304). We only use coils from reputable manufacturers with certified quality assurance methods, verified by our own quality checks. This strategy enables us to guarantee our customers first-class materials for kegs that are especially durable and robust.

The production facilities at BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS are subject to regular maintenance plans and are only operated by qualified staff. Complete control over all important processes in the manufacturing of our kegs form the basis for producing high quality beverage containers with outstanding durability to cope with the strains of daily operations. The satisfaction of our customers is our #1 goal!

Our guarantee pledge

This is what you can expect from BLEFA Kegs:


  • Highest precision and process reliability due to automation and control systems in keg production
  • Professional support as partners, from initial quote to after-sales service
  • Your investment in a stainless steel keg will be absolutely safe with our 30-year guarantee
  • Qualified personnel with the experience of a world market leader

BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS Kegs with character

At BLEFA, you can customize your stainless steel kegs completely according to your wishes. Whether you want an embossed top chime or printing on the keg body, our extensive assortment of stainless steel kegs will ensure that we can meet your demands professionally and reliably. Why not put us to the test and see for yourself!

Design options for your keg


Something for the spontaneous! You need barrels of beer at short notice and want them delivered fast? No problem! If you’ve no time to lose and need a fast delivery, Readykegs from BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS are the perfect solution!

To our Readykegs

High quality BLEFA kegs for your needs


BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS stainless steel kegs have the very convincing feature of firstclass quality and also provide clear optical distinctions for your beer, wine or soft drinks kegs. We can match these kegs perfectly to your brand identity – brightly polished in premium quality! Try it out!


„Made in Germany“ for the USA and Canada

The US Keg

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of stainless steel kegs, we also offer our customers in the USA and Canada beer, wine and soft drinks kegs in stainless steel in a range of different volumes and diameters.

To the US Keg

„Made in Germany“ Keg for the USA and Canada
Strong and variable Keg

Strong and variable with character

The Finnkeg

Outstanding with its clear design, great strength and stability and low repair requirement, the Finnkeg has proved itself in practice over many years. The characteristic top and bottom chimes on this stainless steel barrel are made of resilient polyethylene (HDPE). A very distinctive keg that’s certainly worth taking a closer look at!


Slim, space-saving and straight-forward

The RSR Keg

The stainless steel RSR Kegs rubber top and bottom chimes which are vulcanized on to the stainless steel body. Apart from the container’s slim, space-saving design, you’ll also benefit from its easy, low-noise handling.

To the RSR KEG

rubber top and bottom Keg

Made in Germany. Quality garanteed.

30-year guarantee

More on our guarantee terms

The Optikeg

For optimum economy and ergonomics

The Optikeg

The optimum combination of economic efficiency and ergonomics is precisely what you can expect from the Optikeg. See for yourself what high-quality benefits this lightweight among our stainless steel keg range has to offer.

To the Optikeg

The keg for special occasions

Our Party Keg

Our stainless steel Party Kegs, with their brightly polished finish, are the perfect basis for enjoying your beer. No complicated dispensing system needed, as the Bavarian bunghole on this keg makes tapping easy yet traditional.

Our Party Keg

Party keg for special occasions
Party barrel - Traditional wooden look

Traditional wooden look


The BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS party barrel is a traditional wooden-style barrel with a Bavarian bunghole – adding that perfect extra touch to your party atmosphere. The PU coating on the stainless steel keg body provides optimum insulation even in the summer season.

To the Party Barrel

Keg on a mission


Space-saving, lightweight and ready for use at any time. The GOKEG, consisting of a robust stainless steel keg body and strong top and bottom chimes made of PP, is the solution for customers who expect maximum reliability with the greatest flexibility in use.

To the GOKEG


All information at a glance

Get a detailed overview of all product information concerning our stainless steel kegs as a PDF download.

Kegs from BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS – what goes in?

We make the invisible visible!

Keg, the [ kɛg ]

A cylindrical reusable stainless steel container with a range of different sizes and capacities specially developed for the industrial filling and hygienic storage of beverages. The system was first introduced in Great Britain in 1964.

What makes our kegs so special? The passion for our work and our attention to detail – the little things hidden in each and every BLEFA keg. See for yourself!


The neck, double welded for particular stability on the filling line. 


Ergonomically shaped handholds


Smooth polished surface

  • Supports your brand presentation
  • Enables hygienic cleaning

Precise central seam

Meets the highest hygienic demands


TIG welding

  • Precise and clean weld seams
  • No welding spatter
  • Enables a polished finished

Top and bottom chime with shoulder protection for the keg body, welded onto the cylindrical part of the keg 


The burst disc

The burst disc is a safety device, which opens automatically by internal overpressure. As a BLEFA-standard, every Keg is equipped with a burst disc at the keg body.

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safety device in BLEFA Kegs

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