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Product Quality „made in Germany“

30-year guarantee

Flawless materials for the manufacturing process guarantee the outstanding quality of BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS stainless steel kegs “Made in Germany”. By giving a 30-year guarantee on our stainless steel kegs, we underline our pursuit of the highest product quality and the complete satisfaction of our customers as our top priority – no compromise!

Keg quality of the highest standard!


Our success as the world’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel kegs is based on value retention, high quality and the long-term operational capability of our kegs for the beverage industry. Reliability in everyday application, our extensive range of services to maintain the kegs’ functionality and sustainable environmental are essential factors in this. The result is a high-quality keg made of stainless steel with a guarantee that far exceeds any legal requirements. With this, we promise that your BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS keg will keep on working and earning you money for decades.

Our terms of guarantee

Benefit from our stainless steel kegs

  • High product quality through continuous quality check during the manufacturing process
  • Investment security thanks to reliable processes in development, production and service
  • Uniformly certified quality standards for all services
  • Comprehensive keg services from BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS and the GNKS partner network
  • Qualified staff with the experience of a market leader

Frequently asked questions about our 30-year warranty

What exactly is the 30-year guarantee all about?

In addition to statutory warranty requirements, BLEFA has decided to give a 30-year guarantee on all our Kegs from 2013. This covers service life and water tightness of all weld seams, as well as corrosion protection of the keg surface. To ensure the guarantee remains in effect, the kegs must be serviced every 7 years.

What does servicing the keg actually mean for me?

The kegs need to be taken out of the logistics chain and made available to the personnel carrying out the servicing.

How can I sort out the kegs that need servicing and take them out of my logistics chain?

All kegs have a machine-readable 2D Matrix code, which enables them to be automatically sorted and removed from your logistics chain. Alternatively, you can consult the manufacturer details which should indicate the year 2013 on the relevant BLEFA keg.

Why should I take the necessary trouble? / What benefit do I have?

On the one hand, the guarantee on kegs bought in 2013 remains in effect, and on the other, the preventive maintenance enables you to avoid costly complaints on the market, loss of reputation among customers and downtimes in your filling plant.

Can I have other kegs from my stocks checked too, even those from other manufacturers?

Yes, you can and it makes good sense. There is no guarantee on these kegs, but the argument that preventive maintenance can safeguard against customer complaints is still valid.

What exactly does the service cover?

Mandatory checks

  • 100% visual inspection of welds (outside)
  • 100% pressure test to ensure kegs are not leaking (max. 6 bar)
  • check the need to straighten top/bottom chimbs
  • check the need to straighten the neck

Mandatory actions if needed based on checks

  • straighten top/bottom chimbs via an approved process
  • straighten the neck via an approved process


  • spear service incl. exchange of rubber parts (only OEM parts)
  • internal inspection to identify beer stone, residues, etc.


  • removal of glue, stickers etc.
  • polishing
  • dedenting rolling rims
  • dedenting bottom dimple
  • rebranding etc.

Who will carry out the service?

We have an international network of service partners who are authorized to carry out this service and document it using a specially dedicated software. If you normally work with a keg service company which does not belong to our network, it will be possible to authorize this company to carry out the keg service for you. The decisive factors for us are whether the company in question meets our quality standards and is able to document the service on a special iPad based software.

Where is the service carried out?

We have partners who can carry out the service at the brewery, on your premises or at any other location with the required infrastructure (water, electricity, compressed air).

How is the service documented?

For the documentation, a special iPad based software was developed. This is needed to manage the data on each individual keg in our guarantee data base.

How much will the service cost per keg?

Ultimately, the costs depend on a number of different factors, such as whether the service is to be carried out on site, whether freight costs are incurred, what kind of service is actually carried out per keg and also on geographical factors. Servicing a keg in Germany, for instance, would certainly cost more than it would in South America. The final price level lies with the brewery on the one hand and the service partner on the other.

What if I can't make all the relevant kegs available for servicing in the 7th year?

If not all kegs can be made available for servicing in the 7th year, it is possible to have the remainder serviced a year later without losing the guarantee.

When is the next service scheduled?

Servicing is carried out every 7th year, which means that all kegs purchased in 2013 and serviced in 2019 would be eligible for their next service in 2026.

The BLEFA guarantee is subject to the following conditions

  • Only for first-time buyers of newly manufactured kegs
  • Defects must be reported within 12 months of their discovery
  • The invoice with the guarantee promise must be presented
  • Only if regular servicing intervals at Blefa, a GNKS partner or another Blefa-approved service company have been maintained
  • Damage resulting from filling with inappropriate beverages, as well as external superficial external damage such as scratches and dents are excluded from the guarantee

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