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Space-saving, lightweight and ready for use at any time. The GOKEG, consisting of a robust stainless steel keg body and strong top and bottom chimes made of PP, is the solution for customers who expect maximum reliability with the greatest flexibility in use.

stainless steel keg with a compact diameter

Your GOKEG benefits

  • Robust PP (polypropylene) top and bottom chimes
  • Max. decoration space in the top chime
  • Transponder pocket in the top chime
  • Laser marking of 2D matrix codes

Operation Instruction

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Go keg technical data

(l / gal)
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Height H1
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Height H2
(mm / in)
Height H3
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Special qualities of the Slim Keg

  • Available as stackable version
  • Suitable for beer
  • Suitable for wine
  • Suitable for soft drinks
  • Available as readykeg


Your no. 1 expert for stainless steel kegs

  • Manufacturer of kegs for beer, wine and soft drinks for over 40 years
  • High-grade quality with a 30-year guarantee
  • Kegs with burst disc for maximum safety
  • Extensive product assortment for all requirements

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