Versatile stainless steel keg with polypropylene top and bottom skirt

The lightest and most dependable stainless steel keg: the Gokeg from BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS. These kegs are space saving, lightweight, and always ready for use. They feature a rugged stainless steel keg body and stable polypropylene top and bottom skirts.  The handle of the Gokeg is ergonomically designed, making this keg particularly comfortable to work with. Plus, there’s a special recessed pocket for safe storage of a transponder tag. This makes it possible for a device to read a unique number associated with the keg so usage data can be recorded in a database.  

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Everything important about GOKEG

  • Particularly lightweight thanks to polypropylene top and bottom skirts 
  • TIG-welded keg body 
  • Double-welded neck (welded inside and outside) 
  • Brightly polished surface for easy and complete cleaning
  • Branding of the keg body as requested 
  • 30-year warranty 

Our GOKEG is available from stock in a capacity of

  • 10 liters
  • 20 liters
  • Ø 239 mm 
  • 100% high-quality stainless steel 
  • Durable polypropylene top and bottom skirts 
  • Various embellishment options
  • Stackable 
  • Available with all common necks and fitting types  
  • Transponder tag pocket in top skirt for storing an LF tag

Technical specifications of the Gokeg



(L / gal)


(mm / in)

Height H1

(mm / in)

Height H2

(mm / in)

Height H3

(mm / in)


(kg / lb)

GOKEG 10 10.4 / 2.75 239 / 9.4 326 / 12.8 / / 2.7 / 6
GOKEG 15 15.5 / 4.09 239 / 9.4 443 / 17.4 / / 3.4 / 7.5
GOKEG 20 20.5 / 5.42 239 / 9.4 560 / 22 / / 3.9 / 8.6


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Modify or customize your keg

KEG branding

Branding, for a keg with character. Customize your stainless steel keg exactly as needed with options such as our high-quality screen printing service. Turn your keg into your brand ambassador!

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Keg modification

Do you have kegs that no longer meet market requirements or your branding? Anything is possible with our keg modification. With the help of our volume reduction (e.g. from 50 L to 30 L) and the replacement of head and bottom chimbs, you can adapt your keg pool to current requirements.

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Blefa is the right choice:


  • 100% quality control and four certifications 
  • Maximum process automation


  • 30-year warranty
  • Best total cost of ownership 


  • 100% circular
  • Optimal carbon footprint 

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